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Telehealth Wound Care During COVID-19 And Beyond

Telehealth is more popular than ever, but when it comes to wound care there are critical details that typical video chats can’t detect. Color, depth, and even the size and edges of a wound all give clues as to whether it is getting better or worse. Typical video chat software doesn’t detect these subtle differences, but new technology is bridging the gap.

Unfortunately untreated wounds can lead to serious problems including amputations, so wound care is particularly critical right now. Telehealth is stepping up to the plate to ensure these patients don’t fall through the cracks, but there are some challenges.

Wound care may not seem mission critical right now, but it’s more mission critical than most people realize. Wound care is more complex than slapping a band-aid on a scrape and calling it a day. People who require intervention and supervision of their wounds are people who have compromised immune systems, people with mobility and circulation problems, and people who are recovering from a recent surgery. These populations often overlap with people who are most susceptible to COVID-19, and as a result many of these people have not been able to see wound care specialists during the pandemic.

The latest telehealth wound care apps can detect the actual color of a wound along with other features so wound care experts can make the best recommendations for the patients. Even after the pandemic has passed this technology can ensure this critical type of care reaches patients in remote areas where specialists aren’t readily available.

Learn more about advances in telehealth wound care from the infographic below.


Telehealth Wound Care During COVID-19 And Beyond

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