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The 5 Best Cars for New Drivers

For those who aren’t car-savvy, trying to buy your first car can be a nightmare. With all kinds of numbers and stats being thrown at you, it can be hard to know what you should really look for when trying to buy some new wheels. Or, perhaps you are advising your child or a friend or relative on which car to buy but want confirmation your recommendation is a good one.

To help uncover the truth, Dayinsure has recently sought out to determine the best car for new drivers. By comparing the best-selling cars in the UK, they’ve looked at only the stats that matter and worked out which make and model is best for new drivers.

The infographic shows the top five results, and as well as graphics includes the need to know information about each model. With bright colours and fun graphics, it’s a easy to digest piece that gives you all of the information you need, without anything extra.

Buying your first car is a hard task as there are so many questions you must ask of yourself and for many it’s the first major life purchase they’ll make. The article this infographic accompanies is loaded full of information about all of the cars examined, and shows you a full breakdown of it’s workings so you know it can be trusted.

If you are in the process of buying your first car, or are helping someone else buy their first car, or even if you are trying to upgrade your current motor but don’t know much about cars, we suggest you hop over to the article to see a full breakdown of all the vehicles and their results, as well as first-hand reviews from ex-owners, but if you are just looking for an overview this infographic has you covered.


The 5 Best Cars for New Drivers

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