The 50 Companies with the Best Customer Service

Across all industries, there are over 33 million businesses in America. Making the choice of who to work with can be difficult with so many options. Everyone uses their own criteria to make a decision, but many of us like to work with a friendly face who offers great support and knowledge. That’s where this infographic from Qualtrics comes in. They’ve done extensive research on a huge pool of results to figure out the 50 companies with the highest customer service ratings.

They used results from three national surveys to calculate an average. These customer service surveys were Forbes’s Best Customer Service survey in 2024, Newsweek’s 2024 America’s Best Customer Service survey, and the American Customer Satisfaction Index covering 2023-2024. These surveys led to this big list of the 50 companies with the best customer service, spanning a range of industries.

The overall winner with the best customer service was fast food chain, Chick-fil-A! This restaurant is known for drive-through chicken sandwiches and friendly staff! They’ve scored the highest on the customer satisfaction score for fast food for the past nine years. As for grocery stores, the chain Publix Super Markets are the highest rated and the second best overall. Overall, you’ll see that many grocery stores rank highly on this list, including Trader Joe’s and Wegmans Food Markets ranking in the Top 5.

One of the industries where customer service matters most is the airline industry. Travel is stressful and exhausting, not to mention expensive! An airline with great customer service can make all the difference. So, which one ranked highest? Alaska Airlines is number 13 on the list and the highest ranked among airlines. These 50 businesses are the highest ranking across so many industries. Next time you have to make a business choice, see which ones made this list!

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