The Car Brands Selling the Most Vehicles Per Day in America

Experts estimate that there will be 88 million vehicles sold worldwide in 2024. This number proves that the automobile industry is thriving. The United States is one of the most vehicle-loving nations in the world. There are plenty of American car manufacturers that are loved around the world, but which brands are the most popular in the U.S.? The team at Convoy Car Shipping answered this question with an infographic that breaks down American daily car sales by brand.

It may be surprising to learn that Americans are favoring a Japanese brand, Toyota. If you notice which vehicles are on the road, it’s less surprising. Toyota’s top models like the RAV4, Corolla, and Camry are everywhere. American Manufactures did claim the second and third most popular slots, with Ford’s F-series pick-ups claiming second and Chevrolet taking third.

Here are the top 10 brands the infographic details:

  1. Toyota: 1,928,228 vehicles/5,282.2 sales per day (Camry, Tacoma, Corolla, RAV4)
  2. Ford: 1,889,514 vehicles/5,176.8 sales per day (F-series pick-up truck)
  3. Chevrolet: 1,669,244 vehicles/4,655.5 sales per day (Malibu sedan, Bolt EV, Equinox, Silverado)
  4. Honda: 1,162,531 vehicles/3,185 sales per day (Civic, Accord, Odyssey, CR-V, Insight)
  5. Nissan: 834,097 vehicles/2,285.2 per day (Sentra, Altima, Pathfinder, Rogue, Titan)
  6. Hyundai: 801,195 vehicles/2,195.1 per day (Sonata, Accent, Tucson, Elantra)
  7. Kia: 782,451 vehicles/2,143.7 per day (Sorento, Telluride, Rio, K5, Soul)
  8. Tesla: 654,888 vehicles/1,794.21 per day (Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y)
  9. Jeep: 642,924 vehicles/1,761.4 per day (Wrangler, Cherokee, Renegade, Compass)
  10. Subaru: 632,086 vehicles/1,731.7 per day (Outback, Forrester, Ascent, Crosstrek)

The full list includes a diverse range of foreign vehicles, eco-friendly vehicles, luxury cars, and other unique brands. Data like this can tell us whether the impact of gas prices, eco-concerns, and other current events are affecting vehicle sales.

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