The Companies That Made Elon Musk Rich

Elon Musk dominates the news headlines these days. Between articles about his unpopular rebranding of the social media giant Twitter, his personal life, and his opinions on Artificial Intelligence; Musk’s name is hard to avoid. Another topic that is often covered when it comes to Elon Musk are the various billion dollar companies he owns. He has founded and invested in a multitude of companies that have made him enough money to earn the title of “world’s richest person” for the past few years. The Madison Trust Company did some research on Elon Musk’s past and present companies to create this guide to ‘Everything Elon Musk Owns’. In this visual Musk’s headshot is surrounded by the six companies he currently owns and the Musk Foundation he founded. The Madison Trust team also included the four companies that Elon Musk no longer has any stake in, for a more detailed look at where he got his start in the tech world. Each company is represented in a hexagon with a quick breakdown of when it began and it’s purpose; as well as the amount Musk invested and the company’s value today. Tesla is Elon Musk’s most valuable company by far with a value of $770.2 billion as of August 2023. Musk has seen an unbelievable return on his initial investment of $6.5 million in 2004 to become Tesla’s biggest shareholder. SpaceX was another great investment Elon Musk made early on. He invested $100 million to start the space transportation and satellite-based internet service company back in 2002 and as of July 2023 it is worth $150 billion. In fact every company Elon Musk owns is worth billions, even the Musk Foundation. The only company that did not have a value available was xAI, his newest tech company in his portfolio. What sort of company do you think Elon Musk will invest in next?

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