The Countries with the Most (and Least) Sexual Partners

The idea of foreign romance is thrilling and full of mystique. With that concept, the team at had to wonder which countries have the most and least number of sexual partners. The answers were truly intriguing. Here’s a look at the intimate details of the countries with the highest numbers of sexual partners:

  1. Turkey: 14.5
  2. Australia: 13.3
  3. New Zealand: 13.2
  4. Iceland: 13
  5. South Africa: 12.5
  6. Finland: 12.4
  7. Norway: 12.1
  8. Italy: 11.8
  9. Sweden: 11.8
  10. Switzerland & Ireland (tied): 11.1

Neighboring countries have similar numbers of sexual partners though the high end of the partner spectrum represents a lot of different regions around the world. It’s fascinating that a socially conservative country like Turkey has the highest number of average partners!

The least number of sexual partners is another intriguing subject with some similarities based again on close borders and social customs. Here are the populations with the lowest number of sexual partners:

  1. India: 3
  2. China: 3.1
  3. Vietnam: 3.2
  4. Hong Kong: 3.7
  5. Indonesia: 5.1
  6. Slovakia: 5.4
  7. Malaysia: 5.8
  8. Germany: 5.8
  9. Poland: 6
  10. Spain: 6.1

So how does this all fit in on a worldwide scale? Well, the average number of sexual partners worldwide is nine partners over a lifetime. Whether you think that sounds like a large or small amount, the important fact to remember is that only one partner is needed to increase the happiness that intimacy brings.

In the U.S. was curious about how sexual partners varied by states and added some additional data to the mix. For example, which state explores the largest number of partners? The answer is Louisiana according to a survey from Superdrug Online Doctors. Maybe it’s the influence of the New Orleans party culture or those hot summer nights, but the average number there is 15.7, which is 50% higher than all the other states.

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