The Countries With the Most Physicians and Nurses in the World

Around the world, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are vital to public health. They’re an essential element of preventative care and in emergency situations are also able to save lives. Not only that, but specialized medical personnel are also at times able to treat more specific issues including but not limited to mental illnesses, cancer, and heart disease.

From the team at comes this new infographic that analyzes the medical personnel per capita around the world. For this study, their team utilized and studied data from the World Bank to determine which countries around the world have the most physicians, nurses, and midwives per every 1,000 residents. According to their research, it was found that Cuba is the country that has the most physicians per every 1,000 residents. Following Cuba at the top of the list are Monaco (7.5 per every 1,000 residents), Georgia (7.1), Greece (6.3), San Marino (6.1), Portugal (5.5), Austria (5.3), Norway (4.9), Uruguay (4.9), Finland (4.6), and Lithuania (4.6).

Cuba has a population of roughly 11 million people, and is a country that certainly has a reputation of producing well-trained doctors, and many of the doctors from Cuba get sent abroad to help out in other countries. Among the nations with the highest concentration of nurses and midwives per capita, the following stand out: Finland leads the roster with 22.3 professionals per 1,000 individuals, followed closely by Monaco with 20.2, Norway and Switzerland with 18.3 each, Iceland with 17.2, the United States with 15.7, Germany with 14.2, Australia with 13.1, Ireland with 13.0, and Luxembourg with 12.2. Notably, Finland emerges as the global leader in the number of nurses and midwives, boasting 22.3 per 1,000 people within its population of around 5.5 million. Monaco secures the second spot with 20.2 professionals per 1,000 people, standing out in both physician and nursing/midwifery categories per capita.

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