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The Future of Data Science

Data science has been around for hundreds of years, so why is it just now being noticed? Data scientists are tasked with taking the mountains of data we generate every day and turning it into a learning tool so we can proceed with better information going forward. Bayes’ Theorem stated that a theory plus new information would equal a better theory, and using the vast amounts of data at our disposal these days is a great way to give ourselves a leg up.

Data scientists are one of the most popular jobs right now, mainly because so many businesses have a ton of data they don’t know what to do with. Data scientists can develop a framework for capturing this data in a way that makes it usable, they can develop algorithms for analyzing this data once it is captured, and they can create actionable insights into what the data means for a company going forward.

Data science has been around for hundreds of years, but data scientists are just now starting to be recognized as the valuable parts of a business executive team they are. Learn more about the future of data science as well as career opportunities for data scientists from the infographic below.

The Future of Data Science

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