The Future, Social CEO

For CEOs, the benefits of social media are no longer just rumors or wishful thinking. Those who have figured it out are seeing success like never before. So how are CEOs using social media? What exactly are the benefits? And most importantly, what does the future hold for social media and the world of business? As the infographic below illustrates – this is just the beginning.

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  1. Love the infographic on this one. The commercial real estate industry is just beginning to use tools like this that are directly integrated into sites like theBrokerList. Now the dots are being connected on how to share and push out content rapidly, precisely and consistently. The days of posting a sign on a property and or adding to a listing site and waiting are over. It is now becoming integrated, as it should be.

    Again, nice job done here on this infographic.

    Linda Day Harrison, CPM, CCIM

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