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The High Price of Prom

The astronomical price tag may be keeping some high schoolers from participating in one of the most memorable social events of their youth: prom. According to a 2012 Visa survey, the average cost of prom is at an all-time high. Parents are expected to shell out big bucks to make this one-night event happen for their child, but most are scrambling to do it. Take a look below at what today’s prom costs and find some helpful tips to help your teen save on the big day.

Brought to you by couponcabin.com.

Brought to you by couponcabin.com


  1. Jude Skocki Kelly

    where we live there is a dress exchange. The schools ask for used dresses in good condition and those in need can have them free of charge. Some of the schools even offer cleaning, pressing and alterations too. It is a wonderful service for the girls

  2. I like how the states are laid out- it does seem the MidWest is somewhat more laid back about all of this for sure.

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