The Highest And Lowest Human Trafficking Cases In The United States

Human trafficking is one of the problems in the United States. The United States has had a very high number of human trafficking cases reported in the last 9 years. In a study by NY Requirements, we will tell you what human trafficking is and list down which cities have the most and the fewest cases of human trafficking in the United States. Another word for human trafficking is sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Human trafficking is modern-day human slavery; it’s a type of forceful act that can have adverse side effects on the victims, including physical, mental, and sexual abuse. One should also know which signs one should look out for, getting to know if an individual is a victim of human trafficking. They might be scared or have bruises on their body. If you know someone around you who might be a victim of human trafficking, then contact the highest local authorities right away so that they can get the help they require. When looking at the number of human trafficking cases in the United States, in the last 9 years, there have been 13390 cases reported in the popular countries of the U.S. The highest number of human trafficking cases have been reported in the City of Houston, Texas, with 1021 cases. Los Angeles, CA: 884, New York, NY: 759, Washington D.C.: 596, Chicago, IL: 507.

On the other hand, the most minor human trafficking cases have been recorded in Henderson, NV, and North Las Vegas, NV, with less than 3 cases. Hialeah, FL: 6, Gilbert, AZ: 6, and Chandler, AZ, with only 8 cases reported. However, overall, it can be said that human trafficking is a rising concern in the United States.

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