The Largest Trade Shows in the United States

Have you ever been to a trade show? A trade show is a typically large-scale event that brings together members in a specific sector or interest (such as outdoor recreation like hunting and RVs, consumer technology, automotive innovation, fashion, restaurant service, education, etc.) so that they can share their latest products and services. This includes demonstrations, interactive exhibits, conferences, and more. Not only do trade shows provide a platform for exposure, they also have built-in networking, education, and business opportunities. This infographic showcases the largest trade shows in the United States, ranging from industries like consumer electronics, RVs, and aviation to interior design, broadcasting, and even concrete! The largest trade show of all is the Consumer Electronics Show, which attracts over 100,000 attendees and 4,550 exhibitors. CES encompasses a massive 2,930,421 square feet of exhibit space – to put that into perspective, that is around 50 football fields! It makes sense as consumer electronics are profoundly integrated into our everyday lives. Consumer electronics include devices used for entertainment and communication such as smartphones, video game platforms, cameras, wearable tech, computers, and more. The second largest trade show in America is the Utility Expo (formerly known as the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition) which is less than half the size of CES at 1,340,749 square feet of exhibit space. This trade show is all about the latest and greatest in the utilities and construction industries. There are cherry pickers as far as the eye can see at this Kentucky-based trade show. The third largest trade show is the Florida RV SuperShow which encompasses 1,219,591 square feet of exhibit space at the Florida State Campgrounds. That seems like the perfect place for an RV trade show! Unlike the previous trade shows mentioned, this one is geared more towards customers rather than industry professionals.

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