The Most Sold Breakfast Cereals Based on Sales Numbers

According to a 2021 Mintel survey, which had 1,806 internet users as participants, it was found that 58% of those involved agreed that the flavors of cereal that they enjoyed the most when they were younger were still their go-to’s. Cereal remains an extremely popular choice as a breakfast option for people. In fact, 49% of Americans today begin their days with bowls of cereal.

From the team at Kulick’s French Toast Recipes comes this infographic which determines the 19 most popular cereals based on boxes sold. During the first year of the pandemic, there was a 9% increase in cereal sales across the United States, as people seemingly chased nostalgia, comfort and convenience.

According to the research by Kulick’s French Toast Recipes, it was found that Cheerios was the most popular cereal, with 139.1 million boxes sold annually and $435.9 million in sales each year.

Other popular cereals include Honey Nut Cheerios ($421.7 million in annual sales), Frosted Flakes ($412.6 million in annual sales), Honey Bunches of Oats ($375.2 million in annual sales) and Cinnamon Toast Crunch ($344.3 million in annual sales). These cereals are the only ones, per the research, to sell more than 100 million boxes of cereal on an annual basis.

Other popular cereals featured in the top ten include Foot Loops (91.7 million boxes sold), Lucky Charms (86.4 million boxes sold), Frosted Mini-Wheats (71.3 million boxes sold), Life (58.1 million boxes sold).

All 19 different types of cereals included on this infographic by Kulick’s French Toast Recipes all have more than 30 million boxes sold on an annual basis, with the last ranked Corn Flakes even having 31.7 million units sold. Not only that, but every cereal on here sees at least $110 million in annual sales. What’s your favorite kind of cereal to have in the morning, and did it make this ranking?

19 Most Popular Cereals Based on Boxes Sold in the United States

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