The People Who Own the Most Land Worldwide

All over the world, there are rural properties, farms and forests, but who actually owns the most land around the world? The team at Madison Trust looked into this question and presented their findings in this new infographic that analyzes the world’s largest landowners.

According to their findings, it was discovered the the world’s largest landowner is currently King Charles III of England. He and the British Royal Family currently own more than 6.6 billion acres of land around the globe, and also own many territories around the world, all collectively making up a sixth of the surface on the planet. The British Royal Family and King Charles III of England own land in the United Kingdom and Canada, among other countries.

The Catholic Church was also found to have owned a lot of land, with 177 million across the world, of land including churches, farms, and schools. Not only that, but among these 177 millions of land globally are several religious trademarks, including farmland, the Apostolic Palace, and the Scala Sancta.

Those that own the third most amount of land worldwide would be the Inuit people of Nunavut in Canada. Per the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act of 1993, the Canadian government, as well as the government of the Northwest Territories allowed the Intuit people ownership of Nunavut, which was a separate territory that spanned about 87 million aces in size. Even to this today, in the entire history of Canada, it was the largest land claim settlement ever.

Aside from those that ranked at the top of this infographic by Madison Trust, it was found that other high profile land owners throughout the world include people and organizations like Mudanjiang City Mega Farm, Australian Agricultural Company, North Australian Pastoral Company, Jumbuck Pastoral Company, the Williams Family, and the Handbury Group.

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