The Top Financial Holding Companies Make This Much Money Per Second

Holding companies include banks, banking groups, and parent companies of subsidiaries. Some might even own companies in industries outside financials. LLCAttorney took all of this information and calculated the top financial holding companies based on their 2023 earnings. These numbers are incredibly huge! Not only does their infographic show us their gross yearly earnings, but the team calculated how much they earned per second too. The numbers here are so huge it can be hard to comprehend.

  1. Berkshire Hathaway Inc.: $364.5 billion ($11,558 per second)
  2. JPMorgan Chase & Co.: $158.1 billion ($5,013 per second)
  3. Bank of America Corporation: $98.6 billion ($3,127 per second)
  4. Citigroup Inc.: $75.34 billion ($2,389 per second)
  5. Wells Fargo & Company: $73.8 ($2,340 per second)
  6. MetLife: $66.91 billion ($2,122 per second)
  7. HSBC Holdings plc: $62.61 billion ($1,985 per second)
  8. American Express Company: $60.5 billion ($1,918 per second)
  9. Prudential Financial: $53.98 billion ($1,712 per second)
  10. American International Group, Inc.: $46.8 billion ($1,484 per second)

The winner is Berkshire Hathaway, a mammoth of a corporation with investments and holdings across industries. They have businesses in real estate, insurance, travel, and more. Their CEO is Warren Buffet, the richest man of 2008, so their success should come as no surprise. Many of the CEOs on this list clearly hold significant power in the business world.

The number two slot went to JP Morgan Chase & Co, a company with a long history. that owns businesses like Chase Manhattan, Bank One, and InstaMed. Did you know that their company, Bank of the Manhattan, was founded by Aaron Burr? Fans of Hamilton the musical will recognize his name! Bank of America Corporation takes third. They’re certainly one of the most recognizable banking names on the list along with fourth place winner, Citigroup. One thing is for certain, with numbers like the ranking data we see here, it’s clear that some companies know how to get rich quick. Do you recognize your bank on this list?

The Biggest Financial Holding Companies in the World Ranked by Revenue per Second – LLC Attorney for Holding Company - Infographic

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