The Top Telecommunication Companies in the World by Revenue

Telecommunication companies are responsible for being able to transmit electronic information all throughout the world, whether in the form of videos, images, text messages or phone calls. Also, telecommunication networks can include things like the internet, various cable TV networks, the mobile phone network, and the telephone landline network. There are many different telecommunication companies around the world that provide these services, but which are the most profitable telecom companies around the globe? From the team at VoiceNation comes this new infographic that looks at how much the top 25 telecom companies make per second.

According to their research, the largest telecom company around the world would be AT&T, who in 2021 saw revenue of $168.86 billion. The research conducted by VoiceNation reflects data from 2021, and their research shows both the total revenue for these companies throughout that time period, along with how much each company was able to make per second. Per their research, it was found that three of the five telecommunications companies that made the most revenue per second were located in the United States. These companies included AT&T and Verizon making the most revenue per second, both of which are based in the United States, and were making $5,354.52 and $4,236.75 per second respectively. The top of the list also includes China Mobile, which saw $4,158.74 in revenue per second in China, followed by Deutsche Telekom AG from Germany, which saw $4,002.09 in revenue per second.

This infographic also includes statistics on the total revenue for these companies throughout 2021, with the top of the last including companies like AT&T with $168.86 billion in revenue, Verizon ($133.61 billion), China Mobile ($131.15 billion), Deutsche Telekom AG ($126.21 billion), Comcast ($116.38 billion), China Telecom ($64.29 billion), and SoftBank (with $54.21 billion in revenue).

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