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The Truth About Orgasms (infographic)

In the 1950′s Alfred Kinsey, The first scientist to study human sexuality in detail, once likened the orgasm to “to the crescendo, climax, and sudden stillness achieved by an orchestra of human emotions… an explosion of tension, and to sneezing.”

That definition has since been boiled down to “something that is awesome.”

Woman can have two different kinds of orgasm, clitoral and vaginal. Their sensations differ because different sets of nerves are involved in each part.

No one is sure why we have orgasms

Scientists often believe it is a by-product of evolution, like the male nipple. Speaking of nipples, some people can orgasm from being touched there. People have also reported actually feeling orgasms in other parts of their bodies, including their hands and feet. These are called non-genital orgasms.

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The Truth About Orgasms (infographic)

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