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The Ultimate Guide to EtG Testing

Alcohol abuse affects individuals differently. Diet, environment, and genes are some of the factors that influence how alcohol affects a person. Sex, weight, and age can affect the immediate effects of alcohol on an individual. Although people have consumed alcohol for years, this substance has caused many deaths in America. The number of fatalities that medical experts associate with Alcohol Use Disorder show how severe the problem is.

In 2018 alone, 14.4 million adults in the U.S had alcohol use disorder. In the past year, only 8% of individuals with AUD received treatment. Every year, America reports 88,000 alcohol-related deaths. Unfortunately, some people don’t give alcoholism and AUD the attention they deserve. To some individuals, there’s nothing wrong with alcohol consumption.

That’s why the Addiction Resource came up with this infographic. This infographic aims to break down AUD statistics and the lives the disease takes from American society. By breaking down this information, the infographic enables most people to comprehend it faster.

Consequently, some individuals will change their drinking behaviors after reading the information. Others will talk to their loved ones to change their drinking habits. And this will help in saving the lives of some people that would have otherwise died of AUD.

Checkout this infographic on Alcohol Use Disorder Statistics.

The Ultimate Guide to EtG Testing

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