The Ultimate Guide to Storing Wine

Are you becoming serious about collecting wine, or simply just wanting to learn more about how to store wine so it maintains its flavor and ages properly? From the team at comes this guide to keeping wine at home, and it will get you off on the right foot as a wine connoisseur.

When looking to store your wine properly, there are many factors to consider, all of which can affect the way that the wine is stored. These include vibrations, light, temperature, humidity, and even odors that may be nearby. These can all affect how the wine tastes, so these wine storage tips and ideas from the team at HowLongToCook will help to ensure that you’re storing your wine properly.

The temperature and humidity level that wine is stored at is extremely important. When it comes to temperature, it’s ideal that you store wine at between 45ºF (7ºC) and 65ºF (18ºC), even though the ideal temperature for wine storage is 55ºF (13ºC).

By storing wine at higher temperatures, you’ll be able to accelerate the aging of the wine. You also want to keep the temperature higher, because wine stored at temperatures below 25°F (-4ºC) can freeze, which can lead to causing the wine to expand, which could also potentially damage the cork.

As for the humidity levels, you’ll be able to maintain the flavor of the wine by storing it at a humidity level between 50% and 80%, although the most ideal level has been found to be 70%. If the humidity is too low, it can lead to the cork drying out, with the air getting in and thus spoiling the wine.

However, if the humidity where you’re storing your wine is too high, then it can all result in mold growth, so you may have to have a dehumidifier in that area to help reach a more suitable level.

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