The United States Ranked by Number of Gun Laws

Grasping the intricate landscape of gun control in the United States holds crucial significance for American citizens. This understanding encompasses discerning the extent of gun rights available, contingent on the state of residence. The variance is palpable, as certain states uphold stringent gun laws, while others adopt a markedly more lenient stance in line with our Second Amendment privilege. Unveiling the state that takes the lead in rigorous gun laws prompts us to explore Sightmark’s comprehensive ranking of U.S. states.

This ranking hinges on the evaluation of the strictness of each state’s gun laws. Our assessment, utilizing data from the 2023 Everytown Gun Law Rankings report by Everytown Research & Policy, tallies the aggregate count of gun safety policies embraced by individual states. The ambit of the Everytown report spans 50 distinct categories of gun control laws, with state adoption ranging from three to 45 policies. Delving into the accompanying chart offers insights into the state championing the strictest gun laws, as well as a glimpse into the incorporation of the 50 gun policies within your own state’s legal framework.

Emerging as the exemplar of strict gun laws is the state of California. Its legislative framework envelops a remarkable 45 out of the 50 diverse gun control law categories. These encompass prohibitions against the presence of firearms in most public spaces, regulations targeting ghost guns, constraints on the marketing of firearms to minors, and measures aimed at barring access to firearms for individuals such as domestic violence perpetrators and individuals with violent criminal records. California’s gun legislation extends its reach to hold accountable stakeholders within the gun industry.

Notably, the alignment between stringent gun laws and Democratic governance comes as a foreseeable correlation. The roster of ten states harboring the most comprehensive gun control legislation is predominantly composed of blue states. In stark contrast, only a solitary state within the list of ten with the most lax gun control policies falls within the same political affiliation.

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