The World’s Most Popular Websites by Category

People use the internet for a wide variety of different reasons, whether it’s for learning, using their favorite social media sites, or shopping, among many other possible reasons. Recently, the team at Nominus took data from to analyze it and determine which websites had the most monthly visitors, specifically in January 2023. These are the most visited websites in the world by category.

This infographic from Nominus breaks down the data into several different categories, such as music websites, sports websites, news websites, fashion websites, and so much more. It even includes overall rankings, where it was found that the five most visited websites in the world were Google (102.2 billion visits), YouTube (86.8 billion visits), Facebook (12.7 billion visits), Twitter (8.9 billion visits), and Wikipedia (7.7 billion visits). Social media sites dominated the top five, which is no surprise considering that so many internet users today utilize those sites to get their news. While it wasn’t ranked within the top five sites overall, Instagram was the fourth most visited news and media website in January 2023 with 5,702,732,440 visits in that one month alone.

Sports websites were also one of the categories listed on this infographic from the team at Nominus. In this category, it was found that was the most visited site in January 2023, with 736,038,315 visits, with an average of 2.94 pages visited per user. The other most visited websites within the sports category were (with 519.3 million visits), (with 492.3 million visits), (with 420.6 million visits), and (with 337.9 million visits).

Food and Beverages is another key category featured on this infographic, with the top five sites including (with 95,538,046 visits), (with 82,774,711 visits), (with 79,591,237 visits), (with 56,461,616 visits), and (with 51,434,089 visits). What are some of your favorite websites to visit when you’re browsing the internet?

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