The World’s Most Successful CEOs: Does Age Predict Success?

Many Americans plan for retirement at age 65, but what about Fortune 500 CEOs? Raising a company to the success it takes to make the list takes years of effort and persistence. The Madison Trust research team helps us visualize just how many years it takes. They created an infographic showing the ages of CEOs and research trends and average ages. They found that 17.8% of these CEOs are over age 65, still working past the average retirement age. The average age is a bit younger at 59.2 years old. Overall, their data gave a range of ages from 39 to 93.

The oldest CEO is Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. He’s 93 years old and still hard at work. Here are some of the other CEOs at the upper end of the age spectrum:

  • Warren Buffet: Age 93
  • Roger Penske: Age 87
  • Robert Greenberg: Age 83
  • Albert Nahmad: Age 83
  • Seifollah Ghasemi: Age 79
  • A.J. Teague: Age 79
  • Stephen Schwartzman: Age 77
  • Richard Adkerson: Age 76
  • John F. Barrett: Age 74
  • Albert Chao: Age 74
  • Stanley Bergman: Age 73
  • Richard Fairbank: Age 73
  • Bob Iger: Age 73
  • Daniel P. Amos: Age 72
  • Jure Sola: Age 72
  • Hock Tan: Age 72

As for the youngest CEO, the title goes to Meta (formerly Facebook) head, Mark Zuckerberg. He’s 39 years old but will celebrate his birthday in May 2024. Other young CEOs head similar tech-centric businesses like Carvana, Airbnb, and PayPal.

Here are a few examples of the youngest CEOs:

  • Mark Zuckerberg: Age 39
  • Ernest Garcia III: Age 40
  • Toby Rice: Age 42
  • Sarah London: Age 42
  • Brian Chesky: Age 42
  • Sumit Singh: Age 44
  • Mario Harik: Age 44
  • Timothy Spence: Age 44
  • Brad Beckham: Age 45
  • Hassane El-Khoury: Age 45

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