The World’s Richest People Who Inherited Their Wealth

Wealth is something that is known to come in many forms. While some people are able to earn their income by founding companies that grow to be bigger than perhaps they could have ever imagined, others have the fortune of being born into a family that sets them up from a financial sense for the rest of their lives. According to various studies, it’s been discovered that nearly 50% of those who are considered very wealthy either inherited their fortune or were part of a family that allowed them more opportunities than most have. So, out of the richest people in the world, how many of them actually inherited their fortune?

From the team at Madison Trust comes this new infographic that looks at which of the world’s richest people inherited their wealth. Among the names on this infographic are the likes of Mukesh Ambani, Jim Walton, Rob Walton, Alice Walton, Alain Wertheimer, and Abigal Johnson, among others. Mukesh Ambani is at the top of the list, and he’s one of the richest people included on this infographic that inherited their money. From India, Mukesh Ambani is a billionaire and the chairman of Reliance Industries. Not only that, but he’s the richest person in Asia. His father (Dhirubhai Ambani) founded Reliance Industries way back in 1958, and is responsible for several different businesses, including those in natural gas, retail, energy, textiles, media, and telecommunications. The estimated net worth of Mukesh Ambani is said to be $94.6 billion.

According to the research, it’s also estimated that in the United States, about 27% of the wealthiest American people are self-made billionaires. This list of names includes people like Jeff Bezos who founded Amazon, Larry Ellison who founded Oracle, Warren Buffet who serves as the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, and the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

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