The Worst Spots in the United States for Shark Attacks

Depending on where Americans decide to go swimming in the United States, shark attacks may be something that they may need to be cautious about. By utilizing data from the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), the team at SI Yachts has put out a new infographic that looks at where the most shark attacks have occurred in the United States. The data shows that in 2022, the number of shark attacks in the United States decreased overall, with 13% less shark attacks from the year prior in 2021.

Despite that, the United States still accounts for more than half of all shark attacks around the world. Based on the findings by SI Yachts, it was discovered that the states within the United States with the most shark attacks ever include Florida, Hawaii, California, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In fact, Florida is considered to be the “shark attack capital of the world,” accounting for more than half of the total shark accounts within the U.S. on an annual basis. Luckily, shark attacks in Florida have become less common over the last few years, as there were only 16 reported shark attacks in 2022.

This infographic also includes data on which counties across the United States have had the most shark attacks ever on record. Four of the top five counties in this regard can be found in Florida, with those Florida counties including Volusia County with 343 recorded shark attacks in the top spot, followed by Brevard County with 156, Palm Beach County with 82, and Duval County with 46. Between the years of 2013, 2022, Florida saw the most shark attacks on record overall with 242, with the four other states with the most shark attacks including Hawaii with 71, South Carolina with 44, North Carolina with 31, and California with 28.

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