These States Have the Most Sex

How often do Americans actually have sex? Research has shown that Americans that are in their 20s have sex roughly 80 times a year, which equates to about once every four or five days. Over time, the rate declines, dropping to approximately 20 times a year on average for those in their sixties. With that said, the team at NapLab have developed a new infographic which looks at which U.S. states have the most sex, based on a survey that they conducted featuring 1,567 participants.

Based on their findings, it was found that Alaska has the highest average sex frequency per week at 2.806 times, followed by New Mexico (2.064), Vermont (1.702), Arkansas (1.666), Indiana (1.531), Hawaii (1.509), Oregon (1.472), Massachusetts (1.464), New York (1.390), and New Hampshire (1.354). On the bottom of the ranking are the states with the lowest sex rates, a top ten that includes Colorado (0.420 times a week), Maine (0.500), Michigan (0.511), Nebraska (0.545), West Virginia (0.638), Idaho (0.652), Wisconsin (0.661), Delaware (0.689), Tennessee (0.726), and North Carolina (0.737).

Indeed, sexual activity in the United States has experienced a consistent decline. Surprisingly, 26% of Americans reported abstaining from sex entirely in 2021, and this decrease cannot be attributed to the pandemic. Just a few years ago, in 2018, almost a quarter of Americans reported a year without any sexual activity. Moreover, only 39% of Americans engaged in sexual intercourse once a week or more, representing a decline of nearly 12% over the span of two decades. Interestingly, our 2023 sex survey data suggests a slightly lower figure, which may indicate a positive trend. An unexpected revelation is that individuals in the youngest adult-age group, Generation Z, exhibit lower levels of sexual activity compared to those in their 30s and 40s. Several factors contribute to this phenomenon.

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