These Telecommunications Companies Have Absorbed All the Others

Many of us choose a wireless provider based on the deals they offer along with how reliable their cell phone coverage is, and how often they’ll upgrade our hardware. Cell phone service is a necessary amenity for many Americans, so they choose the most cost-effective and convenient options. This has led to three major telecommunication companies rising above all the rest. With each passing decade, cell provider options have dwindled to three major options.

The merging of telecommunication companies have resulted in some of the business world’s biggest deals. That’s why Wyoming Attorney LLC decided to take a deep dive into the merger timeline. Their infographic shows us which companies absorbed past popular companies. Find out what year the mergers took place, and you may even discover what happened to an old provider you had in the 2000s!

The three major telecommunication companies are AT&T, Verizon, and T. Mobile. The most popular company is AT&T which started when two phone giants, Bell South and SBC Communications started the joint venture. At the time the company was called Cingular, but re-branded as AT&T in 2006. Since then AT&T has acquired brands like Cellular One, Wayport, and Cricket Wireless.

Verizon is the result of a merger between Bell Atlantic and Vodafone. Their biggest merger was with Tracfone in 2021 which included a lot of subsidiaries like Safelink and Straight Talk. This huge deal was worth $6.9 billion.

As for T.Mobile, their biggest merger deal was with Sprint in 2020 as well as Mint Mobile in 2023. The company clearly made a big rebound since 2011 when AT&T attempted to purchase in a deal set for $39 billion. The Department of Justice stopped the takeover because AT&T would then hold 43% of the market shares, a move that too closely resembled a monopoly!

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