This is Where Food Prices Have Increased the Most Over the Past Year

When you combine factors like inflation, farming demand, and shortages related to the pandemic, the economy has been hit hard, which has resulted in the price of food being on the rise. In fact, between just August 2021 and August 2022, prices for food increased by 13.5%, which was double that of the inflation rate. From the team at Nadrich & Cohen comes this infographic that looks across the United States to find the U.S. cities where food prices have increased the most in recent years.

According to the research and data from Nadrich & Cohen, it was found that Indianapolis, Indiana has been hit the hardest when it comes to rising food costs. Since 2021, thee average grocery bill in Indianapolis has increased by an astounding 50.6%, making it one of four cities in the United States that have seen increases of at least 40%, joined by Denver (+44.0%), Las Vegas (+42.8%), and Phoenix (+40.5%). To determine these statistics, their team took the food prices for several popular foods in the 50 most populous cities across the United States, and used the beginning of 2021 through the start of 2023 as the range for this data.

This infographic even features fascinating data on different individual food items, and in what specific cities they’ve seen the highest increases. With eggs, for example, Las Vegas has seen the biggest price hike, with the average cost of eggs jumping by 170% in just a couple of years. In San Jose, California, bread has seen a large price increase as it is up 67%. Indianapolis, Indiana, which has seen the largest increase on grocery bills overall, is also home to the largest price hike for whole milk, which has risen by 59% over this period of time. Wherever you may be, have you experienced major price hikes on your average grocery bill lately?

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