The Top 50 U.S. Cities for Motorcycle Commuters

There are many ways you can make your commute to work more efficient on your wallet and the environment. You could join a rideshare group, get a bus pass, buy an EV, take a bicycle route if you are close enough or get yourself a motorcycle that will get you 80 miles to the gallon if work is farther than pedal power can get you. There are many people that ride a motorcycle to work in the US and the benefits are endless. Getting on your motorcycle to start your day with your ride to work can get a beautiful and exhilarating experience. Watching the sun rise in the sky while breathing in the fresh air is one of the greatest ways to wake up and feel alive and grateful. You can gather your thoughts and plan your day on your ride. You will save on more than just what goes into your gas tank as you will no longer be tempted to pull through the coffee drive-thru. This map shows the cities in the US where people ride a motorcycle to work the most. Obviously many of these are in states with warm weather like the number one city on the map, Key West, Florida. 3.9% of the population in Key West drive a motorcycle to work. I’ve traveled to Key West and the narrow streets and slow paced lifestyle definitely lend itself to mopeds and other two wheel vehicles. 21 of these 50 cities are located in Florida. Hawaii is another state on this list more than once. The 2nd city being Napili-Honokowai, Hawaii where 2/5% of the population rides a motorcycle to work. Hawaii has 8 cities on this list.  California has 6 cities on this list , number 11 Ione, CA, number 13 West Imperial, CA and 18 Keyes, CA just to name three of them.

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