Top 16 Most Elegant African Antelope

Fall in love with Africa’s most elegant antelope species with this spectacular infographic. From stunning photos to striking animal features, it summarises key points in an easy to digest format.

Many people come on safari wanting to see antelope. But once on safari they realise that it’s not antelope, it’s kudu, eland, gemsbok, waterbuck, nyala, impala, springbok… wow the list goes on.

Each has its own specialism and preferred habitat.

Gerenuk have giraffe-like necks to feed from branches others can’t reach.

Klipspringer are rock climbers, using exceptional agility to escape their predators.

Most of Africa’s most elegant antelope species prefer safety in numbers, but where and how they graze is different.

So if you don’t know a kudu from a gerenuk then this infographic is for you. It shows you some of the fabulous antelope that can be spotted on an African safari.

This spectacular infographic about African antelope was originally published on Africa Freak.

Enjoy! 🙂

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