Top 5 Longest Range Electric Cars (Infographic)

Electric vehicles are more popular than ever. But are you one of the high percentage of drivers who is concerned about their range? What electric car has the longest range? This ‘electric car range comparison’ infographic is here to help!

Perhaps you are considering making the switch to an electric vehicle yourself. They are better for the environment, more cost-effective, and simpler to maintain after all — but can they go as far as a conventional car?

This infographic shows you! With stunning high-definition photographs, vibrant graphics, and quick facts, you will learn all you need to know as you count down the five longest range electric cars.

With the winner’s range at a staggering 620 miles, you are sure to want to learn more! Find out more by following the links at the foot of the infographic — and perhaps you will be driving an electric car yourself one day! For example your next company car.


Longest Range Electric Cars

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