Top 8 biggest financial cities in the U.S.

Top 8 Biggest Financial Cities in the U.S.

In a recent study conducted by Expensify, we uncovered the top 8 biggest financial hubs in the United States. The results were surprising! In fact, we found that 3 Texas cities ranked in the top 8. Cities all over the country made the list, take a look at our infographic to see the biggest financial cities and least financially viable cities in the US.

Dallas, Texas:
Dallas earns its top spot with a blend of low living costs, robust personal income, and an impressive GDP. Plus, it’s also home to numerous Fortune 500 companies.
Arlington, Texas:
Arlington is the next financial powerhouse. People living there have high credit scores and the job market is thriving.
Chicago, Illinois:
The Windy City comes in as the third biggest financial city with a substantial GDP and strong income levels, despite relatively higher tax rates.
Seattle, Washington:
If you prefer the Pacific Northwest, Seattle a healthy personal income and a thriving economy. The city’s credit scores are impressive.
New York City:
NYC ranks fifth domestically. It excels in personal income, GDP, and job opportunities.
St. Paul, Minnesota:
In the Midwest, St. Paul’s low living costs, robust personal income, and high credit scores.
Houston, Texas:
Houston combines affordability, personal income, and a growing job market for finance professionals.
Boston, Massachusetts:
Boston’s high personal income, finance job market, and low credit card delinquencies make it financially appealing.

The least financially viable cities include Stockton, Santa Ana, and Bakersfield, California. Take a look at the complete study and methodology here: .

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