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Infographic: 50 Insane Facts about Canada

Thinking of visiting Canada this year? Looking for information you might not find in a guide book? Just be careful with the loonies and toonies and you’ll have a great holiday there!

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Infographic: 50 Insane Facts about Canada


  1. This is really cool! I love the random fact, that $100 are rumoured to smell od maple – I’ll have to check next year, when I go to Canada 😀

  2. Very interesting! The bathtub races sound kinda fun LOL.

  3. I think some of the things being illegal could be like some of the USA’s outdated laws. Very nicee infographic though and interesting.

  4. Insane but certainly interesting! It is illegal to have comics depicting criminal acts???!!!!! Does that mean Marvel Comics are illegal in Canada?

  5. Wendalynn Donnan

    Basketball was actually invented in the United States by James Naismith, a Canadian.

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