Unmissable TV: A new interactive data visualisation from Panasonic

When the internet and social media came along, some people thought it was the end of us all gathering around the TV, but now we just gather around it in a whole new way. Now, we gather around hashtags while we’re watching the drama unfold. Recent research by Nielsen found that a quarter of TV viewers said they were more aware of TV programmes due to their social media interactions (in a year-on-year comparison from 2012 to 2013) and 15% said they enjoyed watching television more when social media was involved. Panasonic have tapped into this trend with their new interactive data visualisation and TV quiz.

Craig Cunningham, TV expert at Panasonic, comments: “We all love to talk about TV. These days, rather than gathering around the water cooler to discuss the latest hit show, we’re gathering around TV show hashtags to discuss the dramas as they unfold online.

This microsite was designed to promote our latest range of VIERA TVs with Freetime built-in. The fun data visualisation illustrates the most unmissable moments on TV and the viewing that really got everyone tweeting in the last year, from Strictly to the Brit Awards, while the TV rewind quiz is a fun way for users to test their knowledge of the biggest TV moments.

Whether out of the loop or a TV addict, consumers can get the inside track with the latest VIERA TVs from Panasonic. These are the first TVs with Freetime built-in, which lets you roll back the TV guide for the past seven days, access all the major On Demand services including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5, and receive great daily programme recommendations.

Unmissable TV: A new interactive data visualisation from Panasonic

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