Unwrapped: Snappy’s 2023 Workforce Study

Snappy.com surveyed more than 1,500 working Americans to understand the current climate of the American workforce. Unwrapped: Snappy’s 2023 Workforce Study is an in-depth, data-driven survey exploring employee satisfaction, workplace motivation, the climate of the American workforce, and how moments of gratitude and tokens of appreciation, such as gifting, can improve employee engagement, and increase retention and overall job satisfaction.

Coming off a year seemingly filled with movements of workplace renaissance and revitalization, as American workers and employers alike both re-evaluated what the future of work will look like, data shows there are surprising generational and gender divides into preferred working locations, expectations among employment experience, and what employees want from their employers in as they seek validation, gratitude, and signs of appreciation.

The majority of Americans surveyed report they prefer the opportunity to have flexible schedules with 21.9% preferring to work fully remote, and 30.1% embracing a hybrid mix of working from home and the office. Just less than half of Americans (48.1%) reporting their preferred working location is to be always in-person. Among workers who report they have plans to leave their current job in 2023 (18.5%), 6.6% report the primary reason for their plans to depart is they are seeking work that is fully remote, with 5.9% of Americans report they are primarily seeking work that is hybrid. Workers aged 45-54 are most adamant about finding fully-remote work, with 14% reporting remote work as their top priority when looking for a new job this year, followed by workers aged 24-35 (9.9%).

While 81.4% of the total population of American workers report feeling appreciated at work, it varies greatly by generation: 85.1% of GenZ (18-24) report feeling appreciated at work, while only 78.4% of 45-54-year-olds and 78.2% of those age 55+ feel appreciated. Men (84.4%) and gender non-conforming employees (80%) report they feel appreciated at work, while only 78.7% of women feel the same.

When it comes to ongoing daily motivation for employees in America, 1 in 3 (30.4%) surveyed workers report money and compensation are their top motivating factors. GenZ (18-24; 33.2%), GenX (45-54; 35.6%), and Baby Boomers (55+; 33.3%) all over-indexed on money being their primary motivator, while millennials 25-34 years old (25%) and 35-44 years old (22.5%) under-indexed. The most important motivator for millennials aged 25-34? Work/life balance (27.5%).

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