US sex offender statistics

For parents, real estate agents, employers, and essentially anyone concerned with safety, being informed about the presence of convicted sex offenders in your area is crucial. This knowledge helps create a secure environment for our children, families, employees, and ourselves.

This infographic provides current, in-depth statistics on sex offenders across the USA. So, if you’re seeking detailed insights into this urgent matter, you’ll find it handy.

As of February 2024, the USA has 688,799 registered sex offenders, with the highest concentrations in Texas, California, and Illinois. The Northern Mariana Islands, Michigan, and the Menominee Tribes have the fewest registered.

In 80% of cases, victims know their offenders.

White individuals constitute 75% of registered sex offenders, with Black, Asian, and American Indian offenders comprising the remaining 25%.

The age group most represented among offenders is 40 to 69 years old, with a noted decrease in offenses starting at age 70. The 10-29 year age group is less likely to commit sexual abuse.

Men are overwhelmingly more likely to be offenders, with a ratio of 37 to 1 compared to female offenders.

Currently, only 5.5% of sex offenders are imprisoned, while 69.6% have been released and are under registry requirements.

Children between 11 and 15 years old face the highest risk of sexual offense. There is a noticeable decline as the age increases. 21-25 years old accounts for 8.65% of victims, 26-30 years old for 6.08% of victims, and it continues to decrease from there.

White victims make 61%, while Black women are reported to be sexually assaulted in 26% of cases. It’s also noted that a majority of sexual assaults go unreported, with false reporting rates ranging from 2% to 10%.

Regarding child abuse, 59% of offenders are acquaintances, and 34% are family members. So, most sexual abuse against children is perpetrated by someone the child knows. Offenders often use manipulation rather than force to exploit their victims.

Being aware of registered sex offenders in your area is a critical measure for ensuring personal and community safety.

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