Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Virtual Address for a Non-U.S. Resident Business

When starting a business, if you’re not planning to have a brick-and-mortar location or if you are a non-resident, signing up for a virtual mailbox is best. It helps your business appear local, increases efficiency, and allows customers to send correspondence to you through a physical address. Virtual mailboxes also allow businesses to have a more professional and legitimate appearance. If you’re planning to launch your business as a non-US resident, such as starting an LLC, it’s best to sign up for a virtual mailbox immediately. After signing the USPS form 1583 using a notary, look for providers that offer mail scanning, and digital download options, along with automatic and accurate mail sorting. Once complete, update your business material and forms with your new address. When choosing a virtual address provider, consider the costs and whether or not they offer online services. Keep in mind that virtual address services do not accept packages, so you will need to make other arrangements. Use this infographic to walk you through the process of creating a virtual address for your business.

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