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Virtual Conferences Are Probably Here To Stay

Are you settled into the new normal yet? It doesn’t really seem all that different from the old normal, does it? People are starting to realize that remote work isn’t a huge deal because under normal working circumstances most people in an office are sitting in front of a computer all day anyway.

The new normal also extends to conferences and summits – when you realize that you can learn just as much and get just as much engagement from a virtual conference or summit as you can in person and save the time and hassle, you may decide you never have to go back to in-person conferences again.

In fact, 86% of participants in virtual conferences report they have just as much engagement, if not more, as they would have in an in-person conference. Virtual conferences are nothing new, but the technology being used for them has made serious advances. Instead of just dialing into a conference call attendees can be matched with other attendees that share their interests and topics that are relevant to their fields, so time is well spent and productive.

This is also a major improvement for those who present at such festivals, because they can be assured that the people who are attending are actually interested in what they have to say, instead of maybe a third there for one thing and the rest there for something completely different.

Virtual conferences and summits are actually pretty convenient, and it saves time, money, travel, and environmental impact.

Learn more about why virtual conferences are probably here to stay from the infographic below.

Virtual Conferences Are Probably Here To Stay

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