What Brands Does PepsiCo Own?

Have you ever heard of PepsiCo? It will be surprising if you haven’t heard of the brand because, in your household, you might be consuming other brands that PepsiCo owns. PepsiCo is a well-established and highly popular brand in the local and international markets. We might have seen their drinks in many houses, parties, or weddings, such as Diet Pepsi or Pepsi One. However, these are not all the drinks that PepsiCo owns. Pepsico owns many other brands, including international items, beverages, and food staples.

In the study by LLC Attorney, let’s talk about some of the brands PepsiCo owns. One must know that PepsiCo does not own these brands 100%. Some brands have special product licenses or are distributed by PepsiCo in various markets in the food industry.

PepsiCo owns International brands that include Chudo, Chipsy,7UP, Izze, Looza, etc. Other than Diet Pepsi, PepsiCo also owns many other beverages, including Lipton, Mountain Dew, Mug Root Beer, and SodaStream. Food brands include Cap’n Crunch, Cheetos, Chester’s, Lays, Doritos, etc.

When looking at the main competitor, it’s easy to guess that PepsiCo’s main competitor is Coca-Cola. Both have many similar alternatives, such as Mountain Dew, which is manufactured by PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola, which manufactures Surge. Both of these drinks have a similar taste. To this date, both brands have had several cola wars. One famous campaign includes a tasting test held by Pepsi in 1975 in which people were asked to take part in a blind taste test and decide which is Pepsi and other Cola products. Both brands have also had several competitive merchandise campaigns and advertisements done by celebrities. Even though the extent of cola wars has reduced significantly, both remain main competitors.

PepsiCo has an old history. Established in 1898, going bankrupt and then being bought by Wall Street brokers in 1931, the company finally established its headquarters in 1970 in New York. It’s still located in the same place.

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