What Business Can I Start with $100 in 2022?

Got $100? Why not start a business? Believe it or not it is possible to start a business with just 100 dollars.

Funding a new business is a major hurdle for aspiring entrepreneurs. With technological advancements and modern tools to help entrepreneurs, starting a business is now easier than ever.

Not sure where to start or which businesses are likely to be successful with just a 100 dollar investment, no worries! We did the research and investigated the top businesses to start this year with only $100.

Top Low Investment Businesses to Start

Senior and home care services

What’s needed to start: understanding senior lifestyle challenges, interpersonal skills, license and permits from your state.

Holiday and party decorator

What’s needed to start: conceptual design sense, portfolio of previous design work, flexibility.

Dropshipping business

Another business idea to start with $100, Dropshipping. What’s needed to start: savvy marketing skills, an understanding of customer needs, strong relationship management skills.

Personal care concierge service

What’s needed to start: administration skills, strong attention to detail, reliability.

Trainer and coach

What’s needed to start: Strategic and tactical planning abilities, a motivational attitude.

Home organization consultant

What’s needed to start: organization and design skills, a portfolio of previous work.

Starting your entrepreneurial journey with little to no funds is possible! Use our infographic and business resources to guide you through starting your own business.

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What Business Can I Start with $100 in 2022?

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