What Can Become NFTs in Sport Domain

NFTs are gaining more popularity every day. Non-fungible tokens can be usefully applied to almost any sphere from Art and Gaming to Real Estate and Investment. Another notable domain that has already seen very popular NFT cases is the Sports Industry. The most widely known examples include NBA Top Shots and Sorare platform. But this is just the beginning.

PixelPlex blockchain developers and designers worked together to provide the insights on what assets can be tokenized.

Some of the main assets are as follows: games and collectibles in those games, video highlights and GIFs of top game moments, photos from players’ personal archives, memorabilia such as tickets, outfits, trophies, equipment, etc; fan meetings as the opportunity to get a Meet & Greet ticket, digital autographs, quotes and social media posts, avatars, stickers and even emojis related to favorite players, drawings, paintings and animations, tickets and packages. Also, NFT can find its application in Sports Charity.

All of these provide unique experiences to fans which explains the demand for Sports NFTs. In case of athletes, they get a new way of monetizing their work. Apart from that blockchain technology which supports the whole NFT concept ensures the transparency and immutability of transactions and ownership rights, so it gives extra confidence in such tokenized assets.

What Can Become NFTs in Sport Domain

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