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What Causes Burst Water Pipes?

If you’ve ever had water leaking from a burst pipe, you know it can cause serious damage and occur at the most inconvenient times! If you’re up to your ankles that’s one sure sign of burst pipes. But water leaking from pipes is not always obvious, it can be hidden under the house, underground or in walls as well, requiring expert leak detection services.

But why on earth do burst water pipes happen at all? By knowing the reasons why, you may be able to prevent a burst water pipe simply by inspecting and eliminating the common causes. Checkout this infographic by Gold Coast Plumbing Experts to know more!

What Causes Burst Water Pipes?

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  1. I greatly appreciate you talking about frozen pipes and how they can burst when left alone. Winters in my area are known to be extremely harsh, and I wanted to be prepared for it when we all lock ourselves up for the holidays. Since a lot of my relatives will be visiting me and staying over, we might use more water than normal, so I’ll definitely keep this in mind and look for an emergency plumber I can call in case anything goes wrong.

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