What Does the Female Workforce Look Like Around the World?

It wasn’t until the late 1800s that much of society began to see women joining the workforce. The number of women in the workforce has only increased since then, and in the current day roughly half of the employees in a significant number of countries around the world are women. Of course, there are still some countries that do not allow women the same rights as men and have a much smaller number of women that make up the workforce. Interested in learning more about which countries have a larger female workforce than others? You can find a breakdown of the exact percentages of each country’s workforce that is made up of women with this visualization from the team at Qualtrics.com. It is simply titled “Countries Ranked by Percentage of the Workforce Who Are Women” and includes a map and ranked list of 180 countries from around the world. The map is made up of shades of purple and blue to highlight the countries where a larger portion of the workforce is female. When looking at the map you’ll notice that many of the countries with the brightest shades of purple, indicating they are at the top of the list, are those located in Africa. Although, Africa also contains several of the countries that were found at the bottom of the list with very low percentages of women in the workforce. How did the United States do in the rankings? It landed in the middle of the list of countries with a workforce that is 46.38% female. As for the country in the number one spot, that goes to the Middle Eastern country Armenia. The female workforce in Armenia makes up 52.76% of the country’s entire workforce. What country are you surprised to see with such a large female workforce?

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