Where in the U.S. Can You Find the Most Billionaires?

The United States is home to the most billionaires in the world. There are 759 billionaires in the United States with a combined wealth of $4.48 trillion. That is around 1% of the world’s total wealth of $454.4 trillion. That may not sound like a lot, but consider that there are around 8 billion people in the world and only 759 American billionaires! Where do these billionaires call home in the United States? The analysts at Madison Trust Company have created a visualization of which U.S. states have the most billionaires per capita, or how many billionaires per one million people. Surprisingly, Wyoming ranks first for having the most billionaires per capita. Wyoming has 10.287 billionaires per one million people. What makes Wyoming so attractive to billionaires? Apart from the stunning natural beauty and plentiful open space, Wyoming is deemed a tax haven state. Wyoming does not have individual income tax or corporate income tax. In addition, it has among the lowest property taxes in the country. Teton County is a particularly popular choice for the ultra rich in Wyoming. The state with the 2nd most billionaires per capita is less surprising – New York. New York has 6.924 billionaires per million people. In total, New York is home to 135 billionaires. The state with the most billionaires total is California with 186 billionaires. This may be part of why Nevada ranks second for the most billionaires per capita. It is not uncommon for the California ultra rich to live on the border of California in Nevada because Nevada is a much more tax-friendly state. There are several states with no billionaires at all (that we know of), including North Dakota, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Vermont, West Virginia, Delaware, and Rhode Island. Where would you choose to live if you were a billionaire in the United States?

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