Where in the United States Are People the Most Stressed

Did you know that 76% of adults in the United States have reported experiencing health effects as a result of stress from the month prior? That’s according to the American Psychological Association, and it really comes as no surprise when you consider several stressful factors including but not limited to rent prices, unemployment, inflation, and poverty continuing to plague the country. The team over at Charlotte’s Web recently looked into if there were particular cities in the United States where people were experiencing higher levels of stress than others, so this new infographic from them analyzes the most and least stressed cities throughout America.

For this study, the 100 most populous cities in the United States were weighed on eight different factors that would cause a person stress. These included things like the stress of living in a high-crime area, stress related to health, work-related stress, and financial stress, among others. According to the research conducted by the team at Charlotte’s Web, it was found that the ten most stressed cities across the United States were Detroit MI, New York NY, Memphis TN, Newark NJ, Houston TX, Miami FL, Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX, New Orleans LA, and Cleveland OH. In comparison, the 10 cities that were considered to be the least stressed included Boise ID, Gilbert AZ, Madison WI, Virginia Beach VA, Lincoln NE, Chandler AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Plano TX, Arlington VA and Omaha NE.

The study showed that Detroit, Michigan was the most stressed city throughout the United States, receiving a stress grade of “F” in the study. Factors that weighed into this including 31.8% of Detroit experiencing poverty, which is the highest in the United States. That means nearly a third of Detroit’s population lives below the poverty line! The city also has the highest unemployment rate in the United States, with 7% of the city’s population being out of work.

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