Which Colors Are Most Favored by Fortune 500 Companies?

Fortune 500 companies owe their success to many winning factors, but we can’t overlook branding and logo choices. When graphic designers create logos and other visual cues for a brand, one of the most impactful aspects they use is color theory. Colors bring to mind different emotions and associations that marketers use to subconsciously influence consumers. The team at WizardPins created a visual map of Fortune 500 logos organized by color and calculated the most popular color choices. Here are the logo colors ranked by popularity:

  1. Blue – 275
  2. Red – 160
  3. Green – 97
  4. Yellow – 50
  5. Black – 45
  6. Orange – 35
  7. Purple – 24
  8. Grey – 18
  9. Brown – 13
  10. Pink – 5 

Blue has many positive associations for people which is probably why it’s the most popular color on the list. Companies leverage these associations to give consumers an instant picture of their values and what they have to offer:

  • Red logo color meaning – Passion, heat, energy, vitality, power, hunger, emotion 
  • Blue logo color meaning – Trustworthiness, maturity, calmness, authority
  • Green logo color meaning – Renewal, freshness, nature, youth, cheerfulness, safety, balance, money, success, luck
  • Purple logo color meaning – Richness, nobility, decadence, exclusivity, brilliance, imagination
  • Yellow logo color meaning – Innovation, individuality, warmth, energy, joy 
  • Orange logo color meaning – Friendly, cheerful, productive, adventure, thrill, strength 
  • Black logo color meaning – Boldness, durability, timelessness, elegance, prestige, intensity
  • Grey logo color meaning – Balance, neutrality, dignity, professionalism, intellect 

Red may be a surprising second place winner since it doesn’t always have positive associations. But red has long been a popular choice among companies that sell food. Studies show that red can increase appetite, but it’s also eye-catching and makes people excited. Fast food companies that want to grab the attention of passersby have used red to great effect. The most famous example is probably McDonalds who pair the hunger-inducing qualities of red with the warm and comforting feelings created by yellow.

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