Which Countries Have Won the Most Medals at the Olympics?

The Olympic Games are a worldwide event that takes place every four years. Countries from all over the world compete in a variety of events, with the goal of winning the most medals possible.

The Olympic Games, whether it’s the Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympics, is undeniably the standard for sporting events around the world. Throughout history, some countries have dominated in the Olympic Games, and this infographic from the team at WizardPins.com looks at how countries around the world and how many Olympic medals they’ve won, and it includes overall totals, totals for how many medals in the Summer Olympics, and how many medals that countries have for the Winter Olympics.

Based on the data, the United States leads the world in the number of Olympic medals, and by a rather large margin. With 2,976 Olympic medals, which includes 1,180 gold medals, 959 silver medals, and 837 bronze, the United States is the only country to have more than 1,300 medals. The second most total number of Olympic medals goes to the Soviet Union with (1,204), with other countries in the top ten including Germany (1,082 medals), Great Britain (966 medals), France (909 medals), Italy (770 medals), People’s Republic of China (702 medals), Sweden (680 medals), Japan (575 medals) and Norway (566 medals).

While the United States leads the world in terms of both the total number of Olympic medals overall, as well as for the Summer Olympics, it is Norway that leads the world with the highest number of medals in the Winter Olympics with 404 in total. This includes 147 gold medals, 133 silver medals and 124 bronze medals. With this high total, Norway is the only country to have at least 400 medals from the Winter Olympics, as the second ranked country in this category, the United States, has 321 (which includes 111 gold medals, 117 silver medals and 93 bronze medals).

For the Winter Olympics, the leading countries with the highest total of medals includes Norway (404), United States (321), Germany (285), Austria (250) and Canada (217).

Infographic explaining which countries have won the most Olympic medals

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