Which Country Is the Most Open About Sex?

What is the general attitude about sex in the country you live in? There are countless factors that influence how a culture views sex for the sake of enjoyment, casual sex, multiple sex partners, and transaction-based sex. The most recent study on worldwide promiscuity was conducted over a decade ago, so it was time for a fresh analysis. Values can shift dramatically within ten years, especially as countries become more wealthy or leadership shifts. The team at NapLab has compiled a collection of reputable data to create a new Global Promiscuity Index. The Global Promiscuity Index analyzes the promiscuity level of 45 countries using six key factors. These sex-related factors include the mean age of virginity lost, the average number of sexual partners, the STD rate per 100,000 people, the percentage of people who believe premarital sex between consenting adults is morally acceptable or not a moral issue at all, if prostitution is legal, and if premarital sex is legal. Australia ranks 1st overall with a total index score of 360.14. South Africa ranks highest for STD transmissions, with 32,054 per 100,000 people. That is nearly a third of the population! Iceland has the lowest mean age of virginity loss, which is 16.6. Citizens of Turkey have the highest average of sexual partners at 14.5. France has the highest percentage of people who believe that premarital sex is not a moral issue at 94%. Of the 45 countries featured in this study, only two have outlawed premarital sex – Malaysia and Indonesia. Curiously, prostitution is partially legal in these countries. They also rank low on the Global Promiscuity Index as a whole. India ranks lowest for promiscuity. The mean average age of virginity lost is 22.9, three sexual partners on average, and only 21% of people believe premarital sex is morally acceptable. Fortunately, these factors create a relatively low STD rate in India.

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