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Which Type ofWardrobe Design is Best for Me?

Which type of wardrobe is best? Don’t choose your wardrobe without first considering the elements outlined in this infographic. There are many options to select from, including hinged door wardrobes, mirror wardrobes and sliding door wardrobes.

Make the decision based on the size of your space – how much room do you have? Will sliding doors save you precious room? Do mirrored doors add extra, useful functionality?

Then consider your theme or aesthetic. Is the rest of your room inspired by contemporary design, Art Deco themes or rustic inclinations? What colours and materials will work best with the existing styling?

Lastly, think about the contents of the wardrobe. Ensure your selection offers ample room for all the necessities and explore the addition of custom storage solutions. Make your wardrobe work for you; select the closet that will satisfy you for years to come.

via bettawardrobes.com.au

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