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Toilet Texters – Who Are America’s Toilet Texters?

A recent survey found that 96% of Generation Z phone users are considered toilet texters. They won’t go to the bathroom without their phones. 90% of millennials had the same opinion. The gadget recycler surveyed 2114 people across the United States between June and August 2018.

One of the toilet texters study’s most shocking findings relates to phone hygiene. According to the study, mobile phones are 10 times dirtier than toilet seats. Ironically, most people, at 84.5%, don’t clean their phones after using them while on the toilet. Another shocking fact, 1 in 10 people accidentally drop their phones down the toilet!

Age notwithstanding, 80% of men reportedly take their phones to the restroom while 69% do the same. Out of these numbers, 54% admitted that they use their social media apps the most frequently while minding their toilet business. However, not everyone’s behavior is the same in this case.


Who Are America’s Toilet Texters?

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