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Why do Indians Get Belly Fat? And How to Get Rid of It?

Why do Indians get belly fat? We are always split between genetics and lifestyle being a cause for how we look. In reality, genetics play’s a very small role when it comes to how healthy our bodies are.

Our lifestyle, environment, and food choices play a huge role in terms of our health. Indian’s tend to have longer working hours than other countries, show elevated stress levels compared to the rest of the world, and overall tend to make poor food choices.

Let’s understand how the stress hormone is responsible for belly fat and what really goes on in the body when we consume excess dairy. India has also witnessed periods of famine and drought. Does this play any role at all in our genes wanting to hold onto calories and slow our metabolism?

Let’s explore some reason’s why Indian men and women carry excess belly fat and what can we do to get rid of the same.

Why do Indians Get Belly Fat? And How to Get Rid of It?

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